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Employing a consultant is a cost-effective way of engaging with an expert for a focused project. So whether you need support to establish the system or a full-service review we can help.OMNIA is uniquely suited to help Governments and healthcare organisations improve their programs. Our tailored support can help you address regulatory requirements and understand how the system can be continuously improved. OMNIA’s advisory service portfolio covers topics from Official National Standard development to the Implementation of Continuous Improvement programs.

Examples of what we can offer are:

  • Acquisition of  ISQua accreditation recognition for the Governmental Agencies and Standards
  • Procedure writing
  • MOCK accreditation surveys
  • Surveys against national guidance and/or standards

We know that time, resources and finance are in short supply so to minimise wasting any of these we always adopt a structured approach to all our projects:

  • Assessment of the problem
  • Offer a solution
  • Develop a detailed action plan and support implementation of the solution
  • Project Review – evaluate the impact of the solution and celebrate success

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